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Our 3Motion simulator is the only way to experience sim racing as it should be. At its heart is a mul-ti-axis platform that uses a trio of hydraulic actuators with precise control to deliver all the dynamic feedback you get when driving a real racing car. The virtual world never felt so real!

SilentForce Akutatoren

Our SilentForce actuators simulate vehicle pitch under braking and acceleration, plus lateral roll and yaw as you control a car at speed. You’ll feel every bump in the road and every strike of a kerb; the instant feedback with zero latency will help you refine your driving style and deliver a new level of reality.

Heusinkveld ultimate 2-Pedal-set & direct drive wheel base

Heusinkvelds Sprint Pedals represent the perfect entry-level hardware for demanding SimRacing enthusiasts and for professional racers. The stable and highly variable pedals transmit inputs instantly via a 12-bit USB interface for an instantaneous driving experience.

Unlike many other pedals, Heusinkveld Sprint pedals measure all pedal inputs via load cells for even greater precision. The brake being part of that, has a maximum braking force of 65 kg but can deliver up to 120 kg of resistance due to its Load Cell function.

Direct-drive steering wheels transmit the force feedback directly with their electric motor without belt or gear ratios, thus ensuring an incomparably realistic simulation of reality. The MiGE industrial motors we use to generate high torques immediately and respond precisely to every steering input, enabling a realistic handling and driving behavior - all without any latency thanks to the BiSS-C encoder.

Racing Software compatibility

RaceRoom Racing Experience puts you straight into the driving seat of over 180 cars from across the rich history of motorsport. From classic touring cars through powerful GTs and on to prototypes and single seaters, RaceRoom allows you to drive the cars of your dreams on some of the most famous tracks from around the world. Even better, RaceRoom comes pre-installed on every TrackTime simulator package that includes a PC.


TrackTime 3motion

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  • Fully built racing simulator – Plug and Play and Ready 2 Race
  • SilentForce actuators without latency for realistic simulation of road conditions
  • TrackTime Racing Seat
  • Stable tubular frame
  • Adjustable brackets for steering wheel and pedals
  • 4K Iiyama (43“) monitor and gaming PC
  • 5.1 Soundsystem
  • SimuCUBE Direct Drive Wheel Base with Ascher Racing Button Box steering wheel incl. SimuCUBE Wireless Modul
  • Professional eSport Sprint 2 Pedal Set from Heusinkveld
  • incl. SimTools: compatible with over 80 titles
More components
The Monitor

The IPS panel technology of the Iiyama 43 “4K monitor guarantees impressive clarity of the images, constant color reproduction and 178 ° wide viewing angles. The Flicker Free technology and the blue light reduction function allow a very comfortable use of the monitor.

The Gaming PC

The PC, which is designed for 24/7 operation, includes the following components:

  • Intel i5-8500
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD PCIe
  • NVIDIA RTX2070
  • 1 onside service
The Seat

Lightweight GRP racing bucket seat from TrackTime including padded back cushions. The racing seat ensures maximum support even in rough driving maneuvers. It also provides perfect feedback from the virtual racing car to the driver.

The Speakers

Integrated 4.1 system - spatial sound with rich bass. Bring the soundscape of the racetrack into your living room. The surround sound system consists of 4 loudspeakers and a subwoofer, which are placed around the driver for maximum spatial sound.

The Frame

Very stable, compact and torsion-resistant race frame. Longitudinally adjustable pedal plate to adapt to the height of the driver. Height and length adjustable steering wheel holder, individually adjustable monitor holder. All the technology is housed in the frame, and under the floor there is a compartment in which the PC can be accommodated.

Technical data
3Motion Advanced Power supply: 230 V / 50-60 Hz Fuse: 16 A Weight: 267 kg Size (LxBxH): ca. 1550 x 1100 x 1680mm Allowed environment temperatures: +5°C to +40 °C
Iyama 43" 4K Monitor Physical Resolution 3840 x 2160 @60Hz Monitor image format 16:9 Brightness 350 cd/m² Contrast 5000:1 Reaction time 8ms
Lenovo Gaming PC designed for 24/7 operation Intel i5-8500 Windows 10 Professional 16 GB RAM 512GB SSD PCIe NVIDIA RTX2070 1 year onside service
Direct Drive Steering wheel Ascher Racing B16L-SC & GT Rim Simucube Wireless Wheel™ 8 x push buttons with positive tactile feeling 2 x encoders (inc. push button functionality) Magnetic Paddle Shifters Peak Drehmoment 20Nm Nennspannung 220 V Nennstrom 4,5 A
Motionsystem 3 x Silentforce Aktuatoren SF130 Rated voltage: 48 V Rated current: 10 A Max. driverweight ca. 120 kg
Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedale Includes Throttle and Brake 120 kg Loadcell Max. 65kg actual brake force EMC tested electronics SmartControl Software included
Speaker System 150 Watt Surround Sound 5.1 Inkl. Bass control Subwoofer with bass reflex tube

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