In a groundbreaking move that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world motorsports, TrackTime has unveiled the "From Sim to DTM" editions of their acclaimed 3motion simulator and Race Rig simulator. This launch comes on the heels of the remarkable success story of DTM rookie Tim Heinemann, who seamlessly transitioned from sim racing to racing driver in the DTM.

Sim Racing's Fast Track to Professional Motorsports

Sim racing has evolved beyond being a mere hobby, proving to be a pivotal training ground for aspiring racing talents. Tim Heinemann's journey stands as a testament to the value of simulation, with TrackTime playing a crucial role in providing him with the best technical equipment for training.

Introducing the TrackTime "From Sim to DTM" Editions

At the forefront of this release is the TrackTime 3motion simulator, now available in the "From Sim to DTM" Edition. This cutting-edge simulator, used by Tim Heinemann himself for training on racing weekends, offers an unparalleled simulation experience. With a custom-made "From Sim to DTM" design, inspired by the real 911 GT3R used by Tim in 2023, this simulator allows users to prepare meticulously for upcoming racing events, mirroring the success formula that catapulted Heinemann into the DTM.

Complementing the 3motion simulator is the TrackTime Race Rig "From Sim to DTM" Edition. Designed to provide the perfect solution for ambitious sim racers as well as real racers looking for a static, yet fully equipped high-end simulator, this simulator is used by Tim for private training sessions.  

For those seeking high-end simulators and rigs that cater to all skill levels, TrackTime's "From Sim to DTM" editions are the go-to choice. Whether you're a seasoned sim racer or a newcomer, TrackTime's offerings provide the perfect basis for your simulator. The seamless transition from high-end simulations to setups suitable for everyone is a hallmark of TrackTime's commitment to the sim racing community.

Sim Racing Success Stories: Tim Heinemann in the DTM

Tim Heinemann's meteoric rise from dominating sim racing competitions to leading the DTM championship is a narrative that underscores the legitimacy of sim racing as a pathway to professional motorsports. With TrackTime's support, Heinemann has proven that success in the virtual realm can translate into podium finishes in real GT3 cars.

Conclusion: TrackTime Paves the Way for Sim Racing Enthusiasts

As sim racing continues to gain prominence, TrackTime's "From Sim to DTM" editions of the 3motion simulator and Race Rig simulator stand out as essential tools for those aiming to follow in Tim Heinemann's footsteps. The seamless integration of virtual and real-world racing experiences reaffirms TrackTime's commitment to providing sim racing solutions that cater to all, from high-end enthusiasts to those taking their first steps into the thrilling world of sim racing.